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About Block by Block

“Block by Block” is a contemporary spin on the extraordinarily successful kid’s dramas of the past. In the tradition of Little House on the Prairie, and much like Canada’s DeGrassi, “Block by Block” entertains and educates kids through compelling and real storytelling that leads to hopeful, positive outcomes.

Based on true stories gleaned from extensive community engagement with kids 8-12 across economic class, race, and culture, “Block by Block” tells of life in the 21st century from the children’s point of view as they navigate the world.

Our cast is a diverse group of ‘tweens growing up in a transitional city neighborhood. They help each other through the ups and downs of daily life with humor, mishaps, and friendship. In the process they learn how to cope with each other’s differences, embrace each other’s similarities and discover positive solutions to the societal challenges of growing up in today’s world.

The first season revolves around the complex world of bullying offering up positive solutions that stem out of empathy, community, love, and friendship. Subsequent seasons will address all of life’s challenges and rewards.

12 episodes X 8 minutes = One season/dramatic arc.



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