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Youth Art and Media Works is a 501c3 (pending) that cultivates courage, conversation, and creative thinking in 'tween boys and girls. Through collaboration, mentorship and community involvement, we help kids help themselves by creating art and media that explores all aspects of their lives.



"Love the Bully" Mural Project

Youth Art and Media Works, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center 3rd, 4th and 5th graders teamed up to find a positive solution to bullying through the creation of a mural.

Their solution? EMPATHY, FORGIVENESS + LOVE THE BULLY. Get a glimpse behind the scenes and see how YA+M worked with MCAD and Emerson students to create this positive solution to bullying .

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Block by Block

Youth Art and Media Works presents BLOCK BY BLOCK
– A web series for ‘tween boys and girls

“Block by Block” is a contemporary spin on the extraordinarily successful kid’s dramas of the past. In the tradition of Little House on the Prairie, and much like Canada’s DeGrassi, “Block by Block” entertains and educates kids through compelling and real storytelling that leads to hopeful, positive outcomes.

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Episode 6

Just as Trunk is about to clobber Robin, Din-Din yanks the tough guy’s sweat pants down around his ankles. Big boy is wearing Sponge Bob drawers! And they run!!!!!!!

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Share your thoughts and ideas about bully prevention or creative ways your school or community can help stop bullying!

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If you want to submit your own solutions to bullying in a drawing, photo, video, or whatever your art may be, please do! We would love to share with everyone.

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